Sunburn Classic 3 on 3 Rules

  1. All games are 20 minutes in length or first team to reach 20 points, whichever occurs first.  All games will start and stop at the same time with a horn blow.

    • There will be a 2-minute warning prior to start, a 2-minute warning for both half-time and 2-minute warning for end of game.

    • There will be 10 minutes of play, a 2-minute half-time break and 10 minutes of play.

    • Each team is awarded one time out per game, 30 seconds in length (time will continue to run during time outs).  Use of this time out must occur prior to the last 2-minute warning.  No time out will be given in the last 2 minutes of the game.  Calling a second time out results in a technical foul, 1 point to opposing team and loss of ball.

    • If score is tied after 20 minutes of play, the game will be decided by a sudden death free throw shootout.

      • Coin flip will determine first shooter.  There will be one shooter from each team.  They will shoot until one misses as follows:

      • If the Team A shooter makes the free throw, the Team B shooter will be required to also make the free throw.

      • If the Team B shooter misses the free throw, Team A is declared the winner.

      • If the Team A shooter misses the free throw and the Team B shooter makes the free throw, Team B is declared the winner.

      • If both the Team A and Team B shooter make or miss a free throw, the process will continue until a winner is declared.

  2. Each basket is 1 point unless you are behind the 3-point line, then you are awarded 2 points.  All divisions will have a 2-point line.

  3. All fouls will result in a free throw except when a goal is made.  2 shots awarded if fouled behind   the 2-point line.  Court monitors will call fouls for all brackets.

  4. A coin toss prior to each game will determine which team gets the ball first.

  5. Dunking is not allowed.  Grabbing or hanging on a rim will result in a technical foul and the second technical foul is dismissal from the game.

  6. A technical foul is one point and the ball back.

  7. The ball must be checked by an opposing player before it is put into play.  The ball must be put into play, and the body and ball, must be all the way behind the take back line.

  8. After being checked, the ball can be shot, dribbled or passed.

  9. A ball out of bounds must be checked in behind the take back line to begin play.

  10. No player may play for two teams unless prior approval by the tournament director and they play in different divisions.

  11. For 2-day seeding, the tie breaker is “won loss” record, head to head, then defensive points allowed.

  12. Unsportsmanlike conduct included intentional or flagrant fouling, unnecessary roughness, fighting, verbal misconduct, court monitor harassment or cursing.  A technical foul will be called by the court monitor at the discretion of the monitor.  A second technical foul by the same player will result in ejection from the game and tournament.

  13. Tournament Director’s decision in any and all controversies and protest is final.

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